Featured Artists

A fair company
of beauty and beast
a lavish assembly
to say quite the least.
Indebted we are
to the evening’s host
of macabre-minded monkeyshines
that we adore most.
Many Thanks… We bleed for you:

Featured Artists:

The Angie Haze Project

Neos Ballet Company

Contributing Artists:

• The Angie Haze Project
Featured Band
• Papa Joe’s
Featured Caterer
• Neos Dance Theatre
Dance Company
• David Holland
Featured Visual Artist
• Bill Bishop
• Dale Dong
• Inda Blatch-Geib
Scenic Artist
• Sarah Kaufman
• Jim Klayder
Sleight of Hand
• Kiraly Fencing Academy
Sword Fighter
• Anne Laing
Hula Hooper
• Fyre Maevyn
Fire & Belly Dancers
• Neil Nagy
Program Designer
• Karen Edwards
Poe Inspired Mermaids
• R.E.D. on Fire
Flag Poi
• Nikki Rettman
Tattoo Body Artist
• Joe Vitale Jr.
• SCMP, Jennifer Suggett
Horse Master
• Wandering Aesthetics
Spooky Story Teller
• One T Entertainment
DJ Service
• Gideon-Patrick Lorete
Akron Civic Actors
• Tammy Carder
Prospero’s Mistress
• Harry Cool
• Tom Crain
Edgar Allen Poe
• Karen Fratz
Mad Queen
• Kathy Keenan
Vain Lady
• Cathy Miller
Fortune Teller
• Bob Peyak
Prince Prospero
• Marth Peyak
Spirit Guide
• Kara Sidebotham
Lady Margo
• Roseanne Freeman
Princess Lauren